Here's what a few folks say about me:

David Gardner

    David Gardner is a realtor with Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Properties. He needed some radio commercials to get more business. The real estate business was in a severe slump and he knew he had to do something fast. So he hired me to write a package of radio commercials for him. He was very pleased with the results. Listen to what he has to say.

    David Gardner Homes

"The beauty of your copy is that it is so International. By that I don't mean different languages but that it will sit well both sides of the pond, unlike most American copy which comes over as too brash to the English eye."

Alan Wicks
Sandy Twinning Association

" I just want to inform you that my business has suddenly picked up tremendously after the work you did for me. Even though I wasn't able to make my brochures as fantastic as I had wanted to, the words still made an impression on my client-a microbiology diagnostic company. I am now moving to South Africa to work on several projects related to Water quality and AIDS: I want to thank you for assisting me to gain the confidence to sell my services. This is just the beginning I hope, of a business relationship with you."

Nyonga Rugumayo Amundsen
Global Consultant

"Our direct mail response went through the roof! Our ROR increased 80% with the first mailing and 125% with the second. The Web site traffic tripled and our sales increased by 125%. Thanks so much."

R.A. Rasson, V.P. Marketing
Main Properties, Inc.

"Susanna is a woman of her words. She edited and tailor made my direct sales letter to exactly the way I wanted it. Before I gave it to her to edit --- nothing really made sense and there was no "flow" to the letter. When she edited the sales letter, it came out brilliantly smooth and the offer was so good, I would have bought it myself! I was so happy at the end result. I would recommend Susanna any day to anyone! "

Ikram Bachcha
World Internet Summit

"Fantastic results on my mailing. Picked up two really big clients (annual billings $20,000 +) and a handful of smaller ones. No time to really drop you a line -- too busy. May be quitting my day job soon."

Greg Randazzo

"Yes, you are the POWERWRITER! I just opened the files and I'm blown away. This is everything I could have wanted but could never have achieved myself."

Dick Gunderson, president
Business Growth Solutions

"Susanna developed a strategy to reinforce the message of my copy. The solution - positive, communicative targeted copy that was implemented into my pages. The difference? Increased sales, increased feedback. The result? I'm very happy and so are my customers. I fully recommend Susanna's excellent services - you simply cannot afford not to seek Susanna's expertise."

Chris Richardson
Owner of

" Since we started using your services our company has grown from a home office and $40,000 annual sales to a new 2500 sq. ft. office with close to $1,000,000 in sales in a little less than 2 years. I consider you to be an asset to my company and highly recommend you to all of our 5,000 national clients."

Andre Vatke
Target Media, Inc.

"And I thought I could write ad copy. At least, that is what I was told, but it didn't take me long to realize I should leave it to the professionals. Susanna showed me what I was doing wrong, but she showed me in a way that pulled results. That's the best kind of "show me" that you can ask for. I've been using that same ad copy for almost a year now and it is still pulling for me. And I thought I could write ad copy."

Lon Lindsey
Master Networker
Independent Watkins Manager

I've been a fan of Susanna's work for many years. She is a hard-hitting, top-producing copywriter that gets results. Her writing is clear, strong, persuasive and irresistible. If you want copy that drives customer actions, then you need Susanna and her company. I highly recommend her without any hesitation.

Michel Fortin

Michel Fortin,

"I like the copy. Clean and dramatic."

Carl J. Savio
C.M.S. Group
Savannah, GA

"The second mailing of 200 was to various types of professionals. So far, of the responses, the biggest group is CPAs. About 6% of CPAs have responded."

Stuart Hausman
Computer Consultant
Pittsburgh, PA

"There's no hype in what's written about you. You do what you say you can do."

Craige McMillin, Publisher
The Conservative Consensus

"Ms. Hutcheson has contributed articles to Salesman's Opportunity for a number of years. We have been happy to have her among our contributors. The articles she has provided have been a valuable addition to our editorial content. Ms. Hutcheson appears to be a competent as well as prolific writer."

Jack Weissman, Editor
Salesman's Opportunity Magazine

"Susanna Hutcheson has been a regular contributing writer to American Salesman instilling sensible and practical advice enabling sales representatives to stay viable in an ever-changing competitive career field."

Barbara Boeding, Editor
The American Salesman

"Susanna is surprisingly versatile. Few people in the country know as much as she does about how to use online services for marketing by uses of PR to expose your product or service to special interest groups. Susanna is competent, workmanlike and confident."

Cecil C. Hoge, Sr.
The Electronic Marketing Manual

"Fantastic results on my mailing. Picked up two really big clients (annual billings $20,000 +) and a handful of smaller ones. No time to really drop you a line -- too busy. May be quitting my day job soon."

Greg Randazzo
Midwest Accounting


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