I have the experience and track record to back up what I say.

I started out as a freelance writer. I had my first magazine article published in 1967. I wrote for numerous direct selling magazines. I would often have four or five articles in a single publication. I understood selling because that's the way I earned my living. I started selling in high school.

I then followed my dad into the newspaper business. I was a reporter, photographer, editor and finally a publisher and owner of a number of daily and weekly newspapers.

During this time I was also writing advertising copy. I wrote ads, sales letters, brochures, you name it. And, I got a job as head writer for a large radio station writing radio commercials. So, as you can see, I have the experience it takes to be successful and to help you become or stay successful too.

Take a Look at Susanna's Experience

Susanna's first magazine article was published in 1967 and she has been a regularly published freelance writer ever since. After college, where she majored in journalism and law, Susanna was tapped to be advertising manager for a weekly newspaper. In addition to handling the advertising, she wrote a weekly column and numerous feature articles and news.

After a stint at that, she accepted a job in California as a staff writer on a daily paper. At that time, she taught an adult course on writing at a California college.

Then she was transferred to a daily newspaper in Missouri. Later she bought a weekly newspaper and ran it for several years before selling it. During all of this, she continued to work as a freelance writer and a copywriter.

Susanna was then appointed Head Copywriter for a major radio station owned by Great Empire Broadcasting Company.

Then she went into business for herself as a freelance writer and copywriter. She started Powerwriting in 1993, just as the Internet was beginning to have legs. Powerwriting Copywriting Service is a very successful and highly respected copywriting business with clients worldwide.

Hire a Freelance Writer and Copywriter with Experience and Know-How.

Get the competitive advantage. Have Susanna write your sales message. She has been at it long enough to know what works and what doesn't.

Some of her many feature articles appear in college text books and are studied by students all over the world. Some of her articles appear in Professional Feature Writing by Bruce Garrison.

In addition, she taught writing at a small college in California.

Susanna is one of the most popular and highly-acclaimed direct mail and advertising copywriters in the America and has clients in most of the English speaking countries.

Ask Susanna to write your sales copy today. Get a FREE COPYWRITING QUOTE now, while it's on your mind. There's no obligation. Any information you provide is strictly confidential.

SUSANNA APPEARS AS A GUEST ON LEADERS CLUB RADIO SHOW. This is fairly lengthy. So listen to as much or little as you want.

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