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Susanna K. Hutcheson is a radio copywriter who has written thousands of radio commercials. She can make your product or service top of mind. That means you'll get more buyers in the door or on the phone.

"I wanted to let you know that I am happy with the results on the latest copy for WISH. Phones began ringing immediately after first night on-air with a pretty good percentage of conversions to appointments. Thanks for another solid script and don't hesitate to ask when you may need your next referral for radio."--- Phillip Bennett, CBS Radio

Drive Them To Your Business While They Drive Their Car To Work.

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Important Message! Be sure and listen. It will explain how you can make more money and increase your business . . . it will show you how we can help you build your brand. Click the Play button now.

  • Would you like to use radio commercials to increase your sales?
  • Do you want powerful radio commercials and not the lame ones written by radio sales people or minimum wage employees?
  • Did you know that radio commercials written by an experienced radio copywriter will cost more outfront but make you more money in the long run?
  • Would you like to add living sound to your Web site? The message that makes that extra hard sale for you?

Why should you advertise on radio?

  • Because radio gets results.
  • Some folks don't watch television.
  • Lots of people hit the mute button when TV spots come on the tube.
  • Many people record their favorite television shows and fast forward through the commercials on playback.
  • Print advertising is going out of style. Newspaper readership is way down.
  • Radio commercials touch everybody - Guess what --- 95 percent of all consumers listen at home, at work and in their cars.

Fact is, you'll get a hell of a lot more business with radio. Should it be your only advertising method? Of course not! But in most cases it should be a portion of your advertising budget. Everyone listens to radio. And you get someone in a car --- hey --- he's a captive listener. He's not going to turn the station. Not his favorite station. He'll hear your spot. Get smart. Get on the air and grab new business!

One of Susanna's clients who is in the mortgage business enjoyed a tremendous increase in business due to Susanna's radio spot. "Susanna has a special way of digging out the unique selling proposition. I didn't know I had one. But it made all the difference in the world to my business," she said.

"I am appreciative of your service, and I am more than pleased with my radio commercials!! There is no way I could have come up with such a powerful script like you did. Thanks so much!!!!!"

David Gardner, Realtor
Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Properties

"Wow - Susanna,
Its great! It captures more than I could have expected. I believe that real success is the result of a success-filled strategy. Thank you for an incredible job at crafting the entire scope of my services through your creative skills and promptly putting together a professional, well-structured script for my ad; with a voice talent that made people stop and pay attention. I'm grateful and appreciative for your thoughtful and honest feedback; which has fueled my passion and desire to take my business to the next level. I look forward to a continued creative alliance as I step up my game in helping others to 'stop the spin and start to win'. "

Listen to Michelle's commercial.

Michelle Miller, Life Coach
Coachmeforward -- The Bahamas

4,200% Return on Investment

What was the result of this commercial? The client had to hire two new employees to handle her increased business. She called the radio stations and told them to double her schedule. She got a 4,200% return on her investment! Not bad for a 60 second radio commercial.

Interview with Susanna in Radio and Production magazine. This is a PDF file.

Listen to some of the radio commercials written by Radio Copywriter Susanna K. Hutcheson

Radio commercials are hot. Radio commercials can make you a pocket full of money. But there's a secret to successful radio commercial advertising. You need a professional radio copywriter who has written the spots that sell. You need a radio copywriter who writes for a living. You don't need your radio commercials written by a salesperson who offers to write them for free if you buy the time. That's suicide!

All radio stations will gladly write your commercials for you if you buy the time. Who actually writes the radio spots? Usually a minimum wage employee who is just starting out in radio or the salesperson who sells you the air time. It's bad business for you to allow this to happen to your precious radio commercials.

But the guy who reads my spot will write it cheaply . . .

Most all radio voice talent will write your radio commercials and most will do it very cheaply. It's tempting for you to have them write the spots for you. BUT --- it's the wrong thing to do! Why? Because they may have wonderful voices. They can read a spot perfectly. They can't, however, write a spot that sells. A radio spot is a sales tool. It's not entertainment. Have a professional radio copywriter do your radio copywriting. That's the only smart move.

Get a professional radio copywriter.

Susanna K. Hutcheson is a radio copywriter who has written thousands of radio commercials. Let her write your next one and you'll see the difference. She will also direct your commercial and have it professionally produced.

Susanna uses a special technique to write radio spots. Whether you choose 30-second spots or 60-seconds spots, Susanna knows how to put the words together so they sell.

Susanna just doesn't sit down and start to write. She asks you the questions it takes to understand what you sell. Then she puts the words down in a way that works.

Don't settle for an average radio copywriter when you can have one who understands how to make radio sell.

We also do copywriting and voice-over for voice mail and other recorded projects.

Contact Susanna today for full details. Fill out our Quote Request Form.

Now listen to some of Susanna's Radio Commercials and see for yourself how they transform mere words into powerful sales tools. She can do the same for you.

Haggar/Sears Audio

Waterfront Properties in Florida. This spot was written as a national spot to get wealthy people to move to Boca and buy property from advertiser. This is the written copy and is a PDF file.

Click on the button below to hear one of three commercials I wrote for the U.S. Division of Dolmar, a company that makes power tools and equipment. I also came up with the tag at the end. See what you think.

The following commercial is for a life coach in the Bahamas, Michelle Miller. I wrote two commercials for her. This on is her regular run commercial. The other one is for a special event. I had both commercials professionally produced. Ron Knowles did the voice.

Here's one of many commercials I wrote for some solar companies in California. They're doing very well.

Total Power Solar

Listen to this radio commercial to hear an example of a commercial I wrote for a real estate firm. It is one of sixteen designed to get people to inquire about their unique services. I also had the spots produced.

This is a special Web site spot that I wrote and had professionally produced. More people are using audio on their Web sites to help them make that hard-to-make sale and they work.

This is a spot I wrote for a financial firm that helps people avoid foreclosure. I had the spot professionally produced at my direction.

A Dialogue Radio Spot Susanna wrote, directed and had produced for CLEARSIGHT VISION RESTORATION CENTER of Oklahoma City.

GET OUT! is another ClearSight Spot. (Straight-read with incidental effects)

GET UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE This is a :60 straight-read radio spot written and produced for

Click the button below to hear a :60 spot I wrote and produced for a real estate firm. Finding just the right voice talent is part of what I do. In addition, I personally direct the spot until it is as close to perfect as possible. I also select any sound effects that would be right for the spot.

Below is a one spot out of sixteen that I wrote for a real estate company. I also selected the voice and had the spot produced.

Following is a voice mail message that I wrote and for which I directed the production.

Below is another brief voice mail message for a client's personal office.

Actual radio commercial script that I wrote.

REMINDER: Susanna K. Hutcheson holds the copyright to these radio commercials. Please do not save, copy or distribute them without our permission.

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