All types of copywriting for different media . . .

Website Copy

Here's a homepage I wrote for an attorney. It is optimized so we're anxious to see how well it will rank. Just finished it 10/27/2009.

A client wanted an email sales message plus a landing page for a special promotion. Here is the email sales letter in PDF format. This message leads to this landing page. I detest the black background and the white text and advised the client against it. Unfortunately, clients don't always take advice.

This is a website I wrote for a client. He was not getting a good conversion rate with the sales copy he had. Since he was paying for traffic, he needed a good control page. Here is the copy he had before.

I've written many long sales page sites. Among them is one for my own company.

Sometimes a client only wants or needs an edit. While a rewrite is almost always superior, sometimes you can see a keen difference and get a much greater result from the edit than the original copy. Such was the case when I edited the long sales copy for "The Internet Summit". Here you will see the original version first. Then you will see my edited version. The client was thrilled with the results. (PDF file)

A news site that I put together, including the design is Hutcheson Report.

A video marketing company wanted five of its pages rewritten with SEO (search engine optimized) copy. This is the SEO (search engine optimized) copy I wrote for them. It is in a PDF file and you will see it as the client received it, including the meta tags I created for the copy. The client selected the keywords and phrases. I will add my input when necessary. In addition, you will see how the site looks before I did the design and after I redesigned it.

A full page print ad I wrote for Backchannelmedia. I wanted a better design but this is what they came up with. It first appeared in Response Magazine December 2006 and continued to run for several months.

A website I recently completed, including the design, is this site that belongs to my company. It is based on the style advocated by Maria Veloso in her highly-acclaimed book, Web Copy that Sells.

I recently wrote a long direct mail sales letter and a mid-sized landing page for a British client. The direct mail did the tough selling. The landing page is to clinch the sale and collect the order.

From time to time, I have a special client with special needs. My client, Constantinos Tsalas from Greece, has a wonderful business. I was honored to be selected to write the copy for a special section of his website promoting a unique piece of art. You can visit the website here. Notice how I used a very special type of copywriting and advised this special Web page design.

To get people to the website to make a purchase, I wrote this email sales message.

Email advertising for a British client.

Here is an email sales letter for a company that sells products to sports fans. It's a B2C email.

Sometimes a client can't afford a rewrite of their website. But they can afford a critique. I generally analyze the entire site and put my review on video for the client to see. In most cases, I don't do any actual writing. On one site, however, I made a new logo for the client and did a copywriter's rough. I showed him how the page should look and I even made a few "minor" changes in the copy. But since this was a critique and not a rewrite, I did very little writing.

This is a quick rewrite and repair job I did for Managed Links. You can see the before and after of the copy for the homepage. This rewrite shows what can happen when the copywriter changes bad copy and bad headlines into copy that WOWs. You'll see the difference immediately and so will the client if he's smart enough to use the copy. Unfortunately, a few clients opt not to use a copywriter's copy. They do so at their own peril. (This is a PDF file.)

The Powerwriting team wrote this U.K. site. This is a PDF file.

This is a homepage that I wrote for The client only wanted the homepage written so I didn't write the rest of the site. This PDF file shows you the way it looked before I wrote it and after I wrote it. File size is 85kb.

Here's a microsite I wrote to sell a book for a client. A landing page for the same client is here. I also wrote it.

This is a PDF file of the before and after of a homepage I wrote for Professional Strategies, Inc. I didn't write the rest of the site copy but the homepage copy is strong enough and long enough to carry the entire site and increase conversions by a tremendous amount.

Also as a side note about this page, Google indexed it high in its search engine before I was even finished polishing the html for the client. It had not been indexed before. Good SEO copywriting can do wonders! By the way, I don't usually do design or html. But I did help this client with the CSS file and the html coding.

Lenson Ion Foot Spa wanted their homepage rewritten. This is the sales copy I wrote for them. This is a PDF file.

I wrote the copy for the homepage for a San Diego driving school site. Download the before and after versions here. 108kb

I also wrote an ad for them to put on Craigs List. You can see it here. This is a PDF file.

Weight loss programs and ebooks are big and very popular. This weight loss website is one that I took from drab to a heavy hitter. Another copywriter created the original site and it was really bad. For one thing, the product is for a woman. The sales copy was written by and for a man. The copy was too short and not compelling. A copy upgrade and graphic suggestions and some SEO is what the site needed and what I gave it. This is the copywriter's rough I did for the client.

This is a special landing page I wrote for LearnKey Training on the Arcamax site. This is a PDF file. Size is 48KB.

Clients who sell information products often prefer to use Vendor pages or Sell Pages. What they really are, however, are long sales letters. They're usually called landing pages and, in some cases, microsites. It depends on how the pages are used and where they're located.

Radio commercial copywriting is a specialty. This is a small collection of radio commercials I wrote for clients and also directed and had professionally produced.

Another specialty that most copywriters can't handle well is the creation and development of successful telemarketing scripts. I write scripts for businesses all over the world. One such script was written for a large, international insurance company based in Singapore. Because it's an insurance company, it's highly regulated and the sales message had to be worded just right, without lots of high pressure or other tactics. See the script here. It includes rebuttals to objections. - PDF file.

Lead-generating and order-getting direct mail

Direct mail will always be a killer marketing method. American Financial Services (AFS) hired me to write a direct mail package. When I presented the copy to them I was told that most copywriters have to "rewrite the copy several times before they get it right."

"You got it right the first time!", I was told. I attempt to do this for all my clients. I don't make a habit of rewriting. That's why I get it right the first time.

Here is a sales letter and flyer that I wrote along with some envelope teaser copy. Download the PDF file here.

This is a large, impressive brochure I wrote for Afterburner, Inc. It made a handsome brochure for the company and got their message out in an exceedingly effective way.

SDP Products Unlimited

This company has numerous websites. After writing the sales copy for the weight loss site, I wrote an optimized press release and distributed it. It brought the business lots of traffic and new customers.

When selling by direct mail you most often need at least a four-page sales letter and often some other elements. In this direct response package for I wrote such a package. This is a business to consumer (B2C) example.

WGL & Associates

This is a brochure I wrote for WGL and Associates. It is a color brochure. But for the purposes of showing it here, I've put it in B/W. It is in PDF format.

A very successful press release I wrote for WGL and Associates. Note: There is a misspelling in the press release. But we're providing it to you as the client sent it. It is not a Powerwriting typo --- although we DO make mistakes. PDF.

This package did extremely well for this firm. After a short time the business really began to take off because of the direct mail. It included two letters, a brochure, a press release and fulfillment material. It was a two-stage mailing.

800-Discount Club

This package consisted of an order-getting letter, lift letter, agreement and writing on both sides of a business card. A most effective package, this is a complete order-getting package and works well for many clients.


This colorful direct mail package for Edgar B, the national furniture source, contained copy and photos on the unusual envelope. I also wrote a large brochure, two letters and an agreement. The effect was stunning.

Here is a direct mail package I did for Millennium Investment & Holdings of Colorado. This mailing consists of a lead-generating sales letter, a buck slip and envelope with teaser copy.

I did a number of follow-up packages for them for each of their ventures.

FrostByte Software

This small software firm had a need for a one-stage mailing. So I wrote them an order-getting letter plus some follow-up letters. We advised them to use color type in both the letters, envelopes and order form and it pulled well for them.

Target Media, Inc.

This is a 24-page booklet I planned and wrote for Leaders Club. It is proving to be a very effective tool in their marketing. The booklet is used by their members as a recruiting tool. Everyone makes money from the booklet. But more importantly, it helps each member increase his or her business. At the same time, it is a valuable teaching tool to all who read it.

All sorts of writing and copywriting

A website commercial I wrote for a client to put on her site. She recorded it herself and it's working well for her. This is an excellent way to introduce your product or service and have an interactive website.

Here are some PDF files you can download if you have a serious interest in hiring Powerwriting. The samples in these files are actual projects written by Susanna for her clients. They are copyrighted and may not be used for any reason other than to introduce you to our service and show you some of what Susanna has done for others.

We often do newspaper inserts and other types of collateral. Here is an insert that I wrote and had designed by a Powerwriting associate. We can do the same type of work for you.

Samples of news feature and magazine articles I've written. These are just a few of many thousands. Size of the PDF file is about 1MB.

Samples of general projects such as sales letters, brochure copy, etc. File size is 388kb.

The business-getting type of copywriting I do has no limits. For example, here is a LinkedIn profile that I wrote for a client. (PDF file)

I wrote the same British client a sales letter. I wrote him two versions, which you'll see in this PDF file.

Samples of advertorials. PDF file. 1.06MB.

Here's an elevator pitch I wrote for a client who was looking for a job.

Yes, I was writing before writing was cool. This audio is a 1972 production. I wrote the copy for a sales training series for Tanner Publishing. Notice the low prices and the ancient way we talked and wrote! You would never catch a writer ending a sentence with a preposition in those days. But you just might enjoy it and, hey, you might learn something. This is about 22 minutes long.

While we're on the subject of vintage advertising, here is a direct mail piece written in 1916! And no, I did NOT WRITE IT. In fact, that was the year my mother was born --- that's how old this rare sample of vintage advertising is.

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