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What Makes an Effective Flyer?

By: Susanna K. Hutcheson

When you want to promote a product or service, especially a new one, nothing is more effective or cheaper than a great flyer. Two things are important when it comes to your flyer. First, the copywriting must be terrific. People won't read it if it's not. Next, it has to look professional. If it doesn't, people won't read it. They'll think you're an amateur.

The average response rate for an effective flyer is 2%. Unfortunately, many people --- most in fact --- get 1% or less! That's because they attempt to write it themselves and often print it themselves.

But, if you have the flyer written professionally and printed by a top-drawer, yet cost-effective printer, you should enjoy higher rates than even the average. I've had clients get a 4% return. One got a 6% return.

Flyers need to have an effective headline, effective copy and stunning graphics and color. Should you print it yourself? Probably not. Not if you want to look professional. Nor should you write the copy yourself. But if you must, at least get it printed professionally.

What makes an effective flyer?

Giving customers an immediate taste of your offering usually works best. A tri-fold flyer detailing a free sample or offer is usually quite effective. Your discount or special offer can also be showcased in a special tear-off tab at the bottom of the flyer (be sure to include your company’s contact information on this tab).

You should be creative. You want your flyer to be unique. The images should be clear. The same with any illustrations. In addition, the color of the paper and ink should be easy on the eyes and appealing.

Don't try to crowd lots of stuff on the single page. Leave lots of nice, clean white space. White space is that clean area with no graphics and no copy. It's inviting to the reader. It's easy on the eyes. It's appealing. Use it.

Be consistent in the use of the same color, logo, layout, images and spacing. Make everything look professional and easy on the eyes.

Keep it simple. Don't try and be cute. Don't try to look like something you're not. But do look better than you are! Keep your flyer simple. Keep it sharp and smart. Chances are, you will just have one chance to make that first impression. Keep the information short and to the point. Stick to one basic topic. Don't try to say everything at once.

Your flyer shows your style and your brand. Every element in your marketing and advertising is critical. Nothing should be taken for granted. A great flyer can be put on doors, cars, in stores, it can be mailed and many more things. Yes, a flyer is cheap advertising. But that doesn't mean you should skimp on great copy and terrific printing. Do both and you'll have a flyer that sends cash flying back to you!

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Susanna K. Hutcheson is a professional writer and copywriter. She has some 4 decades of experience. She's been published in numerous national and international publications. She has published a newspaper and been the editor of several papers and a reporter for many more. She served as a freelance writer for years and has written sales copy for hundreds of small and large businesses. She invites you to get your flyer printed at the #1 online print shop..

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©2006 Susanna K. Hutcheson.