Direct Mail is Still a Sure Fire Winner When it Comes to Hitting the Target. You Need an Experienced Direct Mail Copywriter to Get You a High Response Rate.

Direct mail is still king when it comes to hitting your target. While I'll be the first to admit you must have a Web site and do online marketing, I've found that nothing beats direct mail for hitting your target market.

Here are some of the things a good direct mail copywriter can do for you:

  • Drive business to your Web site.
  • Get orders using direct mail copywriting.
  • Get you lots of leads.
  • Target your key audience.
  • Provide your target audience with a powerful sales message.
  • Get to people you won't otherwise get to.
  • Double or triple your sales.

First of all, you need to realize that some people don't get on the Internet. It's true that most people do. But there are those who don't. And of those who are on the Internet, not every single person who wants or even needs your product or service will necessarily find your Web site. According to Wikipedia there are 80 million websites. So the chances of yours being found are not too great!

But a direct mail copywriter can craft a sales letter and other material that will hit your target market directly (that's why it's called direct mail) and get people to go to your site or buy or call you or take any action you want.

"Our direct mail response went through the roof! Our ROR increased 80% with the first mailing and 125% with the second. The Web site traffic tripled and our sales increased by 125%. Thanks so much."

R.A. Rasson, V.P. Marketing
Main Properties, Inc.

When you hire a direct mail copywriter you want to hire one with experience. I was trained in the school of David Ogilvy and Eugene Schwartz and William Bernbach. I know how to write the classic winning headline. I don't use Headline Creator Pro like everyone else --- thus getting some dumb head put together by an equally dumb piece of software.

I'm a direct mail copywriter who uses the classic, powerful, winning methods to write a sales letter and any ancillary material. I'll get you results.

So if you want to hit your target audience, contact me today about direct mail copywriting. I can get you the results you want.