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"Susanna Hutcheson has sold more than $9 billion in products and services for clients. She's owned 12 businesses, made millions in direct response methods, can sell anything worth selling, and has written and tested scientific sales copy for decades."

Bill Steinhardt
Steinhardt Direct
(former associate of Eugene Schwartz, famous copywriter)

Tell me exactly what you want. Make sure and let me know if you want production and professional voice talent.

Please answer all questions that apply to you. If you can't answer them, just skip them and go on to the next one. The more information you provide, the quicker I can get a firm quote to you.

I make every effort to get your finished commercial to you as quickly as possible. Special prices on a series of three or more commercials.

I offer limited production facilities and professional voice talent. But, for the most part, you will need to supply the voice talent and production. You may opt to have the radio station DJ read your script.

Company Name
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Length of scripts
Do you need production?
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