Susanna Hutcheson, sales copywriter

Specializing in Radio Commercial Copywriting With Dynamic Results

Powerful copywriting causes you to connect to your audience. It empowers you to get those all-important sales and hang onto clients and customers and brand recognition. I'll create crystal-clear communications that helps people to connect how your product or service will make their lives better. I have an obsession with simplicity and style that makes you look like the leader in your field.

Effective sales copy tells the world you know your business and you have what they need.

If you're smart, you'll look at the copywriter you hire as your hired gun. He or she will be the one bringing in the money for your business. No matter how good your product or service is, unless someone knows how the hell to sell it, to persuade folks to buy it, it isn't going anywhere soon.

Don't be naive and hire an inexperienced copywriter who will gladly work for dimes just to get experience unless you want to fund his experience.

Just a small fraction of one percent of the population can write good sales copy. Hire someone on Fiver or elance or whatever dime store you want and you'll deserve the results you get.

I know how to make sales. I understand my job to be that of increasing your sales. I'm one of the few top copywriters who writes their own copy. If I accept your project, I do all the writing myself. I don't hire any writing out. If I don't have time to write it, I don't accept the job.

Sales are the bottom line to business success. Without sales, you're unemployed. You have no business. Fact is, your product or service is being sold. The question is, are you selling it or is your competitor?

The power of your sales tools determines the answer to that question. If you have a copywriter who knows how to use the right hot button words and phrases, you'll get lots of sales and leads. If you want that type of copywriter, get in touch with me to see if I have an opening.

Oh, don't get me wrong. You have to have a good product or service. I can't sell something that's not worth people buying. And you have to provide great customer service and treat people right. Good copywriting can't carry your entire business.

What good copywriting can do is to get people interested enough to read all your sales copy. Oh, did I tell you that you only have about three seconds to do that? And then your copy must lead the prospect to take the action you want them to take. Sounds easy? It's not.

"I wanted to let you know that I am happy with the results on the latest copy for WISH. Phones began ringing immediately after first night on-air with a pretty good percentage of conversions to appointments. Thanks for another solid script and don't hesitate to ask when you may need your next referral for radio."--- Phillip Bennett, CBS Radio

"The beauty of your copy is that it is so International. By that I don't mean different languages but that it will sit well both sides of the pond, unlike most American copy which comes over as too brash to the English eye."--- Alan Wicks, Sandy Twinning Association, U.K.

There's copywriting and then there's copywriting that sells. Decades of making sales is what I offer.

When I write your sales copy, I don't write it to read like a classic novel or beautiful pros. I write it directly to your audience to sell your product or service. It talks to the heart of your prospect. It speaks to their needs and wants. It proves to them you are the best option in your category. If that's what you want, contact me now.

Please note, I do not give free phone consults. I'll gladly pick up the phone and speak with a client after I've been hired and paid. But all initial contact will be by email only. Please do not ask me to call you. There is a charge for my time if you want an initial phone consultation.

Susanna K. Hutcheson
Copywriter/Marketing Consultant
Wichita, KS 67206

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